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One word sums up my experience with Thrillations’s Speed Racing: Exhilarating. The Indy race car was awesome, I have never been behind the wheel of a vehicle as powerful as this. The instructors where great and provided a lot of technical information to become a better race car driver. The track was also first-rate with ability to hold the car coming out of the banks. I’m looking forward to booking my next racing experience soon. Thanks guys!

Joel Hamperstein
Austin, TX

Yesterday I went to this Speedboat racing competition in Florida. I never would have thought that, there where that many people interested in something like that. My friend John received 3rd place. Afterwards he took me for a ride and let me see how fast those boats can actually get up to. It was crazy how fast we were going. I saw this place on the internet about cart. So I decided to go check it out. When I got there, there was a long line that I had to wait about 20 minutes in. But once I got my chance to get in the cart, it was all over with. Being that low to the ground and taking those curves that fast, is unexplainable. The 20 minutes in line was the only bad thing about it, but the race made it worth it.

Brad Nichols
Jacksonville, FL

Go Kart-Racing is a serious asphalt-to-rubber thrill. It is a great way to satisfy anyone adventure lover’s hidden Stock Car racer. I relished each hair-pin curve and high-revving acceleration, whipping out of the turns and into pedal to the metal straight-aways. It was even better because I got to do it with my friends! Enjoy this great American sport this summer... you will not be disappointed.

Daniel Arroyo

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